Business Model Transformation Framework

We research and publish on business model transformation in conferences and dedicated journals. In his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Yeger developed a Framework for assessing and classifying Business Model Transformation (BMT) of established firms proposing a diamond model to describe a change in a given firm's BM on four dimensions: Target market, Value Proposition, Value Delivery, and Value Capture. The extent of change on each dimension is categorized as No change, Medium change, and High change. Aggregating change on all dimensions enables classifying a specific BMT as Incremental, Semi-Radical, or Radical and provides better insights into a firm's transformation.The tool  is useful  at the strategic level where a firm is trying to reinvent itself or expand its horizons or  at the operational level where the detailed analysis of the business can help identify opportunities for change.

Main advantages

A disciplined tool for analyzing Business Model Evolution
By visiting each “dimension /base”, managers will be able to consider the uniqueness of their BMT against their own firm /competitors / industry
Helpful in assessing a BMT project in midcourse, identifying possible gaps and selecting corrective actions
A common language for among executives, managers, teams and costumers during BMT planning & execution

Our Work

Jobs To Be Done

JTBD is a method proposing that Your customers are not buying your products. Your customers are hiring a product to get a job done. JTBD has proven itself as the ultimate method and process for discovering customer unmet needs. Originally developed by Tony Ulwick and Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen JTBD focuses on what an individual really seeks to accomplish in a given circumstance. Making the job the unit of analysis, rather than the product, the service or the customer, new insight are instantly revealed.

Entrepreneurial hands-on approach coupled with scientifically proven methodologies for achieving breakthrough results.
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