Who we are?

A consulting and training company with a mission to accelerate firms' growth through integrated innovation services. From Strategic Business Development, Business Model Transformation to Innovation Funding, we apply a hands-on entrepreneurial approach coupled with scientific-based and industry-proven methodologies for achieving breakthrough results.

Why us?

Hands-on entrepreneurial approach

We treat your business as if it was our own, we are happy to get our hands dirty and do the grueling work - we enjoy it.

Your success is our success

A success fee for achieving a specific milestone is incorporated in every engagement we do.

Empowerment in everything we do

After each engagement people will feel a sense of achievement and learning.

Proven track record

Over $150M in obtained grants since 2008.

16 years experience

In R&D grants applications, management of technological projects and Strategic Business Development.

Scientific & Technological Rigor

We research & publish on business model transformation in conferences and dedicated journals. We apply rigorous qualitative and quantitative methods during customer discovery programs.

Our people

Dr. Dror Yeger

CEO and Founder

Dror is an entrepreneur, innovation consultant, researcher, and lecturer in higher education institutes, with over 18 years of expertise in building international collaborations with private, public, governmental, and academic organizations. Dror has co-founded two high-tech ventures and has extensive experience in the administrative and technical management of complex multidisciplinary and multimillion-dollar international programs. His doctoral research was on the link between firms "stuck" in a growth setback stage and their ability to transform their Business Model for renewed growth. Dror has vast expertise in growth engine discovery and business model innovation. and over 12 years experience with advanced customer discovery methods such as Jobs to Be Done (JTBD).

Moran Naor


Moran Naor, our dynamic Chief Operating Officer at I2MS, brings over 15 years of experience in strategic marketing, business development, and project management. With a solid background from ARTTIC as Project Manager and Head of Marketing. Currently serving as a Senior Consultant at I2MS, Moran specializes in crafting winning proposals for esteemed funding programs  like the Israeli Innovation Authority, BIRDF  and Horizon Europe. Moran has a Bachelor's in Business Management from Reichman University and a Master's in Gender Studies from Tel Aviv University. Moran blends academic rigor with practical expertise, driving growth and excellence in every endeavor.

Ronen Chen, PhD


Ronen is an experienced hands-on algorithm developer with over 25 years of demonstrated experience in high-tech and tech development. Ronen has a PhD in software genetics (deep learning) from Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot. He is highly experienced in 20 different language codes and AI machine deep learning and has held various CTO positions in startups such as Able.io, Trucknet, and Supexo. He is also the founder and CEO of Virtualdata and has worked in various managerial positions in companies such as Matrix CDN, ClearOne, Scopus, and STAR HOME. Ronen is a lecturer in Computer Science and has taught at various higher education institutions.

Entrepreneurial hands-on approach coupled with scientifically proven methodologies for achieving breakthrough results.
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