From 2008, extensive research by Professor Yuval Shaked (Head of the Technion Integrated cancer center) has revealed an extraordinary fact: Our own body (e.g. the Host), in response to almost any cancer treatment modality, generates biological process which contributes to tumor re-growth and spread, and therefore negate the anti-tumor activity of the drug. These findings, introducing a new term: "Host Response to anti-cancer therapy."


Create a business model to commercialize the discovery.


Using the Business model diamond, we prototyped several potential business models tacking into account: (1) The target market, (2) Value Proposition, (3) Value Delivery and (4) Value capture. One of the key aspects of the Host Response phenomena is that it can be measured and quantified (blood test before+ after initial treatment). We concluded that Host Response profiling is ideal for predicting response to treatment. Additional research revealed that the highest "pain "in the market exists in immunotherapy treatments due to their high cost, low response rate (~25%) and the immune-related adverse events which place pressure on health systems to prescribe these therapies only to those patients who will truly benefit from them.


New patent issued "Method of Predicting Personalized Response to Cancer Therapy, Method of Treating Cancer, and Kit Therof, US20190137495A1". Obtaining funding from Horizon 2020. Co-founding of  OncoHost, raising several million dollars in both venture and governmental investments.

Entrepreneurial hands-on approach coupled with scientifically proven methodologies for achieving breakthrough results.
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