A fitness socks manufacturer was looking to introduce an innovative new product.


We explored several vertical (hiking, running, etc.'.) and decided to focus on snow activities (e.g., skiing and snowboarding). To identify unmet needs in the market, we ran two parallel research methods: (1) Medical Literature review and (2) Jobs-To-Be-Done user interviews. We discovered that the market could be segmented into four groups with unique needs: (skiers Vs. Snowboarders; beginners vs. intermediaries). For example, advanced skiers suffered mostly from Ankle wrench, Rubbed shins, and Cramped insteps, while advanced Snowboarders suffered mostly from Blisters/skin sores, cramped twin muscles, and cramped insteps.

New product

Manufacturer incorporated several technologies such as microfiber with built-in FIR (far infrared ray) to reduce, cramped insteps/ twin muscles fatigue, and copper embeds polymers for minimizing bacteria and fungi. Also, soft padding were inserted in areas prone to develop intensive blisters/ skin sores.


New branding (Slope Warrior) and growth engine (substantial increase in sales).

Entrepreneurial hands-on approach coupled with scientifically proven methodologies for achieving breakthrough results.
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